1) is a product that complies with the EU standard for AC power usage.

2) Rated AC output power is 3600W, AC input power is 1800W, with bidirectional inverter fast charging function.

3) LFP04 Battery with 3072wh capacity, suitable for emergency disaster relief, field work and other occasions.

4) With five 120V AC outputs: 2*30A and 3*20A ports. 2* USB-A outputs in line with QC3.0 standards,2* PD3.0 (100W) compliant USB-C outputs, 2* DC5521 outputs and one cigarette lighter output, one RV (360W) output, built-in LED ambient light;

5) Support for intelligent parallel, intelligent parallel power, and UPS function. Support 120V AC direct charging.

6) Support DC PV series and parallel 18V-150V MAX:1500W

7) Charging with DC 12V car charger to the product charging.

8) Work Temperature?-10 ? 40?.

9) Storage Temperature?-20 ? 45?.

10) Net Weight?about 45 KG.

11) Measurement:?561*368*406mm.