Master Automative Paintless Dent Repair Kit used a special technique to repair dents in convenient way, with high

molecular release agent Resin. Our repair kit release dents in your car quickly and easily without damaging its metal and

paint. The operation is very easy. Read the instruction manual carefully before repairing. All marks are almost invisible after repairing.



Paintless Dent Repair Kit fixes minor dents and dings on body panels without body filler or repainting. The dent repair system uses specialized hot glue to adhere to body surfaces without damaging paint. A complete set of pullers delivers exactly the right amount of force to pull out large or small dents. The kit comes with 24 various size pull-tabs for repairing a variety of dents. The kit also includes glue release agent and scrapers for complete clean-up.

·         Squeeze puller, slide hammer, and T-handle for pulling a variety of dents

·         12 sizes of pull-tabs (2 each) for customized fit

·         Knock-down tool with shaping points for different-size dings

·         15 glue sticks, glue release agent, scrapers

·         Packed in organized storage case